Monday, February 23, 2009

Somethin' for nothin'!

Upon the advice of a wonderful friend (thanks, Tara!!) I have decided to get the word out a little more about my work and hold a ST. PADDY'S GIVE-AWAY!!! Because we all love those......ok, really the only people I can speak for in that area are myself.....and maybe Maegan....and all she loves right now is coloring, Veggie Tales, and her new stuffed turtle from the NC aquarium. We'll see.

The give-away will last for just over one week, so ACT FAST! On Wednesday, March 4th I will close the contest, take down the names of all my lovelies that have commented, put them in a beautiful hand-woven basket (or ziplock bag - there is, in fact, a limit to my creativity.....who am I kidding?), and pull one out at RANDOM. Because we all know Martha loves her some randomness.  The winner will receive this:

Because I care....and I don't want you to get pinched on March 17th!

There are (as always) a few rules:
1. Please, please, please link my blog to your blog or Facebook page or MySpace page or any combination of the three........the grapevine is GREAT that way!!!! I am eternally grateful!
2. Post a comment here. Let me know your name and email address and any feedback/ideas you have......I make what I like and what I THINK yall like, but I never really know until yall tell me. And, not gonna lie, it's nice to know people actually look at my stuff.

I will contact the winner Thursday, March 5th (did I mention I love randomness?) by email - or phone, if I am lucky enough to have your number! 

Recap: link my a comment.....easy! Have fun! If the response is good, I may just have a repeat performance.....can you say EASTER!?!?!?

In closing, and as a shoutout to all my sweet Phi Lamb sistas out there.....Get excited! And good luck!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

LUV is in the air!

I know Valentines Day has come and gone, but shouldn't love be celebrated all year long?
These necklaces are "Valentines" from me to you!!

72 - brown organza ribbon

73 - brown leather cord

74 - black leather cord

75 - red organza ribbon

76 - black organza ribbon

Two-Sided Pendants

22 - black leather cord


23 - brown leather cord

24 - black leather cord


25 - brown leather cord

26 - black leather cord

27 - brown leather cord

28 - black leather cord

29 - brown leather cord

30 - brown leather cord


31 - brown leather cord

32 - black leather cord

33 - brown leather cord


34 - brown leather cord

35 - brown leather cord


36 - black leather cord 


37 - black leather cord


38 - brown leather cord


39 - black leather cord

40 - brown leather cord


41 - black leather cord


42 - brown leather cord 

43 - black leather cord


59 - black leather cord